kate kerrigan mosaics

Sensitive to place, my mosaics are an emotional response to my surroundings. Images of a landscape, natural or urban, become ingrained in my mind. The physical attributes of a place, especially the repetition of lines- trees, ulitity lines, architectural – seen the way that I see them, conjure up certain feelings. Loneliness, solitude, melancholy, nostalgia and serenity are some of the recurring emotions that emerge. I find beauty in the ordinary, the mundane, the routine. There is a familiarity captured in my compositions that I hope resonates with the viewer and elicits the same emotional response.
My art is rooted in tradition, as mosaic is one of the oldest forms of art. I use the classic hammer and hardie to cut either stone or glass (smalti), the two traditional materials used. Each piece (tessera) is hand dipped in glue or placed into mortar; each tessera is placed with intention. Its relation to the surrounding tessera affects the texture, the flow and the color of the overall mosaic.


Kerrigan has been a mosaic artist for over 20 years.  She studied classic techniques and materials in Venice and Ravenna, Italy. She has been awarded, recognized and published on national and international levels and is widely known in the mosaic community.  Her work has been shown in Italy and Turkey, and throughout the United States. She actively shows in Oregon and California. A Wisconsin native, Kate currently produces at her studio in Redmond, OR.