Let Her Breathe

Let Her Breathe

“Let Her Breathe” is a piece in my current series in progress, “Art in the Time of Corona”. One of the greatest outcomes of this pandemic is the change we have seen in the environment. The Earth has had time to mend and heal from our adverse and constant human activity. To noticeably see rivers run clearer, skies bluer and nature thrive, is testament to the heavy toll we take on her and her quick ability to renew herself. This piece takes on the loose shape of that of a globe unraveled, emulating the inhale and exhale of lungs breathing. The harmonizing shades of blues and greens, as well as the varying shapes and sizes of tesserae, symbolize biodiversity. The use of andamento and varying thickness of lines creates organic movement and flow. Using negative space, the rich texture is accentuated, bringing more dimension and vitality to the piece.

Project Description:

Let Her Breathe 2020 smalti 14″x30″ $3500

Let Her Breathe    (2020)
14in x  30in