“Shift” is the first work in my current series in progress, ”Art in the Time of Corona”. It signifies for me the changes in our lives that have had to take place since the onset of the pandemic. We expect life to go along as planned, until it forced the entire world to change, yielding shifts in lifestyle, routines, consumption, perspective, social interactions, income, time etc… For me, it is the shift in perspective that has helped me understand that life has no obligation to deliver what we expect of it. That the concept of time is a funny thing, when really all I have for sure is this moment right now. That uncertainty is something to embrace and navigate through, adapting along the way. That the difference between want and need is pretty substantial when forced to reduce consumption and make choices. That relationships and interactions to others is what really what gives life substance and color. The subtle change/shift in this piece takes place with the narrow diagonal line through the middle using thinner cut material. In the scheme of things, this is a hiccup for humanity. Life will continue, one way or another.

Project Description:

SHIFT - kate kerrigan mosaicsShift     (2020)
sandstone, smalti
10in x  20in