The Marsh, no.1

The Marsh, no.1

In “The Marsh” series, I use simple lines to represent the fragility of the ecosystem found in the Driftless, emphasizing my belief in beauty in simplicity and aligning with my philosophy of less is more. Comprised of one thousand acres in the middle of the La Crosse city limits, it has been protected from development, thankfully! It truly is a local treasure. Volunteers and organizations have worked hard to preserve and restore the native species. These wetlands are an important area for migrating birds and home to many species. On the trail that loops through, I am surrounded by cattail, arrowhead, horsetail and see turtles, eagles, hawks, snakes, beavers, river otters, frogs and herons…. In addition it plays an important role in regulating floods, as it absorbs excess water when river levels get high and conversely releases water when the levels are low.

Project Description:

the marsh, no 1

The Marsh, no.1   2019
Italian stone
20” x 40”